Do not beat your children

Do not beat your children

In Denmark, the Danish Parliament has passed a law that prohibits parents from hitting their children. (Act no. 416 of 10 June 1997 on parental authority and visitation).

This law states directly: The child has the right to care and safety. It must be treated with respect for its person and must not be subjected to corporal punishment or other abusive treatment.

Until 1997, it was not uncommon for children to be spanked as part of their upbringing, but with the passage of the new law, children today have the same protection from violence as adults.

In Denmark, we recognize that it is certainly possible to raise your children without using violence. The fact is that an upbringing without spanking or slapping is far more constructive and conducive to mutual love, care and respect between adults and their children than an upbringing with more or less violence.

An upbringing that is based solely on love, care and respect is a fine preparation for the children for their adult life and for the situation that one day they will have their own children to be responsible for.

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