What help

What help

The special counseling Violence against Foreign Women.

Seek advice, talk to others, get help

Violence – physical, mental and social is not accepted in Denmark, violence must not be accepted regardless of which cultural circle you come from, nor violence against your children or your other family. Seek advice and guidance from Violence against Foreign Women and Immigrant Counseling. Talk to others. It is often possible to get help so that the violence can be stopped without the welfare of the family otherwise having to be destroyed.

If you feel that things are starting to go awry, there is reasonable access to counseling in Denmark.
It can be difficult to get an agreement, especially a quick agreement with the social authorities. Lawyers can not be recommended as it is not their specialty, they demand payment and are often too expensive for most, and there are many other side issues and cases in a divorce, especially if there are minor children in the marriage / relationship, as lawyers do not take care of.

Immigrant counseling: we take on case processing in these cases, but not always for free.

Violence against Foreign women and the Immigrant Counseling Service can be contacted by telephone +45 26223611 ”around the clock” tlf. +45 50141816. You are welcome in the advice for a conversation. You can be anonymous if you wish.

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